Avision Marketing Pte Ltd

ASSURICH group with 39 years in distribution & provide after Svs for Machine Tools / Automotive / Material Handling Equipment now set up a new subsidiary - Avision Marketing Pte Ltd to support in house sales & marketing activity plus providing Svs to Associates & public particulars for machinery field. Our group senior members not only has years of product knowledge plus experience in South East Asia market knowledge include strong local contacts. Thus,let us know if you wish to look for distributor / set up regional office / looking for partners , we are ready to Svs you...

ASSURICH group 裕丰集团在以新加坡为中心在东南亚机床, 汽车维修设备, 物流自动化产品销售及售后服务已逾卅九年, 罗致了多位经验高层经理对当地的市场熟络, 並具有一定人脈关系,最近设立了另一子公司 - Avision Marketing pte Ltd 裕创市场私人有限公司, 专业化为中国, 台湾, 欧美厂家提供一站式服务, 包括导求代理, 设立当地公司, 合作伙伴等资询! 就如设立此平台专为电动车保养, 安全使用, 环保, 再生能源, 太阳能, 风力发电等新兴事业! 请多多指教!

All customers, Suppliers on one platform to venture together for the bigger grow South East Asia market;

For all automotive needs, emphasis on EV car Battery / charger, clean / green energies include renew solar / wind power technology development

China & ASEAN bigger machinery / equipment hub, product China technologies

A one stop oil / gas, marine needs

We here seek all above sector of entrepreneurs put the hand together for H&M (Happy & Money)

Automotive Equipment

Engine Rebuilding Equipment

EV World

Engine / Car Spare Parts

Clean / Green / Renew Energy

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