Honda And Sony EVs Will All Use The Same Platform

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Honda and Sony will further strengthen their automotive partnership and build EVs based around the same platform for the joint Afeela brand and Honda’s own 0 Series of EVs.

The two companies are keen to slash costs and shorten development times due to the ongoing threat posed by Chinese car manufacturers. Vehicles from Honda’s future 0 Series of EVs are expected to start at around the $40,000 mark in the U.S., competing in one of the most hotly-contested segments of the market. By comparison, vehicles from Sony and Honda’s Afeela joint venture will be pricier, although details aren’t yet known.

Nikkei Asia notes that the platform accounts for roughly 10% of an EV’s cost, and sharing platforms should result in significant savings and lower prices than if Honda were to develop a distinct architecture for the 0 Series.

The Japanese automaker’s next generation of EVs will include seven models launching through 2031. Honda has committed 10 trillion yen (~$65 billion) to the series and, in May, confirmed the vehicles would feature an “ultra-thin battery pack” and a newly developed compact e-axle.

Lessons that Honda has learned through Formula 1 and its HEV models will also influence the 0 Series. For example, they will all feature light body frames and advanced new power units that are lighter and thinner than conventional systems. The platform underpinning these vehicles will also allow Honda to mount the batteries and power units very low, reducing the center of gravity. That won’t just benefit handling but also improve cabin space.

All models launched through the 0 Series will have more than 300 miles (480 km) of range. While we don’t yet have capacity details for the battery pack they’ll use, we do know the Afeela sedan will have a 91 kWh lithium-ion pack, and 0 Series models may have the same.

The first three 0 Series EVs will launch in 2026. Sony and Honda are also expected to launch the first Afeela EV in the same year.

Source: Carscoops

09 Jul 2024