Quiet Oil Free Air Compressor


Quiet Oil Free Air Compressor

The outstanding performance and quality of Werther International’s line of quiet oil-free air compressors are essential in providing a turnkey solution and an easy installation and start-up for most applications needing a source of quiet compressed air.

Exceptionally Quiet
With our quiet oilless air compressor motors, selection of ASME certified air tanks, self-regenerative air dryers, and silencing cabinet options, the Werther oilless air compressors are well suited for a variety of applications including laboratory, automation, medical, clean room, gas generation, and food and beverage where dependability and long service life is a must.

Simple Quiet Oilless Air Compressor Maintenance
With all oil-free compressors, the cylinder is pre-lubricated for a more permanent lubrication making oil-free compressors a necessity in any environment that requires 100 percent oil-free air. Oilless air compressors tend to be less expensive because of the simple maintenance that's required since it's pre-lubricated. Read more about our oilless air compressor maintenance advice below!

Meets Industrial Requirements
If your industrial application requires clean air and low emissions, a silent oil-free compressor is the right choice. Werther offers a line of quiet oil-free air compressors with varying tank sizes depending on your application. Some of the common tank sizes we provide include:

.93 Gallon 1.57 Gallon 6.3 Gallon
13 Gallon 26 Gallon 52 Gallon
130 Gallon    

Certifications & Quality Engineering
Since Werther is ISO 9001 certified, our silent oil free air compressors are built with durability and strength in mind. Unlike most oil-free air compressors, Werther's oilless air compressors are specifically designed to have a low noise, so that it's suitable for a quiet environment

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