BMW Enters New Era After Forming Partnership With Cutting-Edge Battery Tech Company

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Rimac Technology founder Mate Rimac converted a BMW into an EV in his garage back in 1984 when he was just 20 years old. 

Now the Croatian businessman intends to help BMW make many more of them as part of a newly announced partnership between his company and the automaker. 

"It's a clear sign of the transition of Rimac Technology from niche high-performance supplier to high-volume production capability," Rimac said in a press release. 

His company is known for its high-voltage batteries and other electronics and software, developed by a team of more than 500 engineers. The move is part of a goal for Rimac Technology to make 100,000 EV batteries a year between 2024-26, according to Reuters. 

It's a show of faith in the burgeoning EV market. Worldwide EV sales are projected to hit 17 million this year, per the International Energy Agency. BMW officials expect that more than half of the brand's global sales will be EVs by 2030. The automaker's officials appear confident in Rimac's ability to help produce at least some of the rides. 

"The aim of the collaboration is to co-develop and co-produce innovative solutions in the field of high-voltage battery technology for selected battery-electric vehicles," BMW said in a statement. 

The millions of EVs entering the market are literally preventing our air from becoming dirtier. In fact, about 10,000 pounds of air pollution can be avoided annually by switching to an EV, not to mention the approximately $1,500 a year in savings you can realize from reduced gas and maintenance expenses. 

And as more drivers support the EV industry with their buying power, it will help to keep the momentum building for the cleaner rides. 

For Rimac, the company notes that the BMW program is the largest project it has taken on to date. It's part of a move from the German automaker to challenge "Asian dominance in the field," as Reuters reports. 

Rimac plans to utilize a "significant portion" of its Zagreb manufacturing facility to meet the BMW work order.

"We're now ready to deliver large-scale projects for the leading brands in the automotive industry," Mate Rimac said in the press release.

Source: thecooldown

30 Apr 2024